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our story

A husband + wife team who just love ice cream.

We first threw this idea out as a fun "wouldn't it be cool" scenario when we discovered the two of us REALLY liked ice cream. During our travels, it was the one thing we had to seek out and over time, we stumbled upon some crave-able spots that kept us going back. But every time we returned to Houston, we couldn't find anything that really "hit the spot". We weren't looking for flavors and combinations you can find in the freezer aisle. We wanted quality ice cream with incorporated mix-ins to take it to the next level and to choose from a list of exciting flavors that keep you going back to see whats new. We were looking for the right "chew", speed of melting, not too sweet, super creamy and never icy. Yeah, you can say we're picky.

So, we set out to turn that "cool idea" into a reality. We thought about flavor combinations we like to eat and how to turn them into ice cream bases. We thought about what fun mix-ins would compliment those flavors in texture and taste. We wanted our ice cream to be the ultimate dessert. And we wanted everything to be made in-house as much as possible.

milk + sugar is just the brainchild of two ice cream enthusiasts simply out to make a product we like to eat. This isn't gelato. This isn't froyo. This isn't "low cal". This is ice cream for ice cream lovers like us. 

our little shop

We picked this spot because we were drawn to the old charm and characteristics of the building. We wanted to keep as much of it as we could because it really represented the "Montrose" feel. We renovated it from a chic clothing boutique to our little ice cream making factory. Here, we flavor the bases, make the mix-ins, churn the ice cream, fold it all in together and "harden" the product. The ice cream you are eating was created and churned just a few feet away from where you purchased it. And we're proud of that.


Sometimes we run out of flavors. Why? Because we're not a large factory pumping out lots of ice cream. We make each flavor once a week and estimate for it to only last us a week to keep our product fresh. Our ice cream takes at least 24 hours to make. We hope to become a permanent fixture in Houston's diverse food culture and somewhere people come to gather. 

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